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The Catholic Information Centre began modestly – books stacked in boxes on wobbly shelves – at that time the library was used only for storage. In 1991 Thérèse Guillemette began the task of putting the place in order on a volunteer basis. The Diocesan Centre hired Thérèse in 1992. All of her time not spent on other duties was used to organize the library. In 1993 Bishop Jacques Landriault gave Thérèse the green light to set up the library, now called The Catholic Information Centre. Thérèse devoted all of her energies to this endeavour until her retirement in 1996.

This library has grown progressively thanks to the astuteness of Thérèse who secured a wealth of resources for the Centre on a minimal budget. Through careful purchases as well as donations from people committed to their spiritual growth, the Centre now possesses the resources necessary for Catholics seeking to deepen their faith. Intended for consultation by pastoral associates as well as others wanting to enrich their spiritual knowledge, the Catholic Information Centre has become the place where the services offered are not only useful, but necessary, because of the distance of our city from the great urban centres. One can presently find collections on religious history as well as collections which enable research in the religious domain.

The collection now numbers 4,840 volumes, approximately 60 periodicals, 959 audio cassettes, 532 video cassettes as well as documents from the Vatican. All of our collection is accessible to computer users through a database system.

The library is designed as much for research as for consultation by those seeking to deepen their faith. Services are offered in French and English without intellectual barriers. The user will also find general works from other disciplines.

The Catholic Information Centre serves a high percentage of students who are pursuing their studies at the post-secondary level. Priests, teachers, students, pastoral associates, as well as members of the general public may have access to the library by consulting with the librarian. Those who seek more knowledge regarding their Catholic faith are cordially invited to come in and pay us a visit.


The Catholic Information Centre offers a free loan service. Those wanting to nourish their faith, to continue their religious formation, to study the Word of God, or to keep up to date on the directives of the Holy Father and the Bishops will find the Centre well equipped to meet their needs. However, we do not lend reference material, Vatican periodicals and documents or the periodicals Origins and La Documentation Catholique. They can be consulted by visiting the Catholic Information Centre during normal hours.

The Catholic Information Centre has an index of catalogues from many publishing houses. Anyone doing research in order to purchase specific documents may do so at the Centre during working hours.


The Catholic Information Centre endeavours to make research materials available to students pursuing courses in religious sciences at the post-secondary level. Seeking to serve people who are eager to enrich their religious knowledge, the Centre has a collection particularly rich in documents from the Roman Catholic tradition. One can also find material to support academic research on the Roman Catholic. General works from other fields are also purchased to offer a wide perspective to researchers. These collections are offered in French and English.

The Catholic Information Centre attempts to subscribe to as many periodicals as possible. The Centre acquires periodicals through donations as well as subscriptions. No matter the source, all periodicals are subject to the same selection policies.

The Catholic Information Centre has been the beneficiary of many generous donations. Such gifts are always welcome. Materials received as gifts are evaluated by the same criteria as materials purchased. Duplicates or titles not meeting selection criteria are made available to other institutions or individuals.