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Diocèse de Timmins / Diocese of Timmins No 38|  S.P.


On Assisted Suicide


Throughout his pontificate, St. John Paul II forcefully denounced the widespread culture of deathseen in the Western world, particularly through the promotion of abortion and medically assistedsuicide; another camouflage for euthanasia. One trivializes and justifies the death of innocenthuman beings with deceptive words such as ‘compassion’ and ‘dignity’.


The Catholic faithful must promote a culture of life. To help us understand its importance, I

forward to you a copy of the ‘statement’ the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Canada

submitted on this past October 19, to the Expert Panel on Options for a Legislative Response to

Carter v. Canada.


The submission was prepared in consultation with the other members of the Executive

Committee. As you will note, it is basically composed of pertinent citations from the Catechism ofthe Catholic Church, together with excerpts from the Plenary Assembly’s statement on assistedsuicide but rearranged according to five selected topics (the common good; assisted suicide;palliative care; protecting the vulnerable; and freedom of conscience and religion), supplementedwith further comments on palliative care.

October 22, 2015, feast of St. John Paul II


My regards in our Lord Jesus

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